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Journey Levels

What Level Matches Your Travel Style & Trip Investment?

Some clients trip preferences fit neatly into one tier level' while others may start at one level and then splurge at the end with the next notch up!

Your Trip Investment INCLUDES:

Accommodation, Meals on Safari, Activities, Top Professional Safari & Excursion Guides, Flights within Africa, Safari Game Drives, Park & Permit Fees, All Road Transportation...Typically Local Wine, Beer & Local Spirits, Sodas, Tea & Coffee are Included!
(NOT included: International Air to Africa, Gratuities, Visas)

Remember...we don't sell that Mass Market Level... for the simple reason we just know we would never do it ourselves, and wouldn't send our own friends or family. We just know you can do a well-planned, logistically on-point safari with great value without doing it at that cookie-cutter, mass-market level!

SAFARI LEVEL TIER Over $3,500-6000 Per Person, Per Night (Country/Season Dependent)

SAFARI LEVEL TIER $1600-4000 Per Person, Per Night (Country/Season Dependent)

SAFARI LEVEL TIER $1000-1500 Per Person, Per Night (Country/Season Dependent)

SAFARI LEVEL TIER $750-1200 Per Person, Per Night (Country/Season Dependent)


(Note: this is for your *Safari Nights... Nights in the City or at the Beach are typically much less costly)

Take the estimated Per Safari Night, Per Person Rate Range... For Example $750- $1,200 Per Person, Per Safari Night,
Multiply it by the # of Nights in Africa, AND by the # of People in Your Party You are Paying For.
VOILA! So Per Person the range would be for an average 9 Night Safari: $6,750-$10,800 Per Person for the Trip
So $750-$1,200 Per Safari Night x 9 Nights x 4 People =
$27,000-$43,200 Estimated TOTAL Cost for Your Party's Safari
(or slightly less because you'll most certainly have some in the city)

*WHAT MAKES NIGHTS ON SAFARI MORE EXPENSIVE? The more remote the area, the higher the operating costs, as every single item needs to be either flown in or be transported hundreds of miles by car. If a lodge is sustainable and off the grid, this adds even further costs. Lodges need to invest in generators, solar systems and expensive satellite systems.
                                        Click for Comparative Grid of All Journey Levels