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How We Work

Although planning a safari can seem like a difficult process, we work hard to make it easy. We understand that an African safari is a big investment and often a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

We will organize a convenient time to discuss your safari expectations

The goal is to get a sense of what you are looking for, and then customize an itinerary to the destinations we agree together would best suit your preferences, needs and sensibilities. 
We always try to get you an initial proposal based on up-to-date availability at our choice properties as quickly as possible and then can make changes based on your feedback.  

Before you travel, you will receive all the information you need to get ready for your trip and we will add restaurant bookings, privately guided sightseeing, volunteering options, tee times, spa appointments, and other amenities you’ll love.

Step 1: You describe your dream trip to us

Our team is made up of expert safari planners led by our Managing Director and Founder (one of whom, or both, are involved in every trip we plan -- we have stayed intentionally small enough to make sure of this!) who have spent decades on the ground in Africa. They will guide you here with advice and suggestions to achieve a clear vision.

Step 2: Safari Planning Recap

We will send you a transcribed recap from our discussion to make sure we are all on the same page and allow your additional input in case you have thought of anything new to input.

Step 3: Our Team creates experience options for you including a digital itinerary and map.

The options presented with marry your vision for your trip with the time of year and region. We will match who you are with what we know.

Step 4: You will receive detailed itinerary and pricing

You'll see that our advice including flights are free to you, as we earn our commission from the lodges and the wholesale purchasing power we have on flights and other elements.

Step 5: You review and give feedback until you are happy with the trip plan

Our work does not stop at the booking process. It continues leading up to the trip as we prepare you to depart with important forms, reading materials such as packing lists, weight requirements, health and visa info and so much more. In the months leading up to the trip we add final tweaks including dining reservations, spa treatments, provide you with a safari calculator to figure out how much money to bring and more.

Step 6: On Arrival in Africa and During Your Trip

 Our VIP Concierge will meet you the moment you touch African soil off the plane. From there you will meet our team on the ground, local residents who have extensive knowledge of Africa and its culture, and be safely in their capable hands.  All our itineraries are privately guided, so you will experience some of the best guides in all of Africa.  Throughout your trip, we are in constant contact with our Africa team to keep up with your progress.

Step 7: Upon return we do extensive follow-up with you.

We want to hear all about your trip on return, see your photos and hopefully (if you are like most of our returning clients) hear about your dreams for a future trip back to Africa!