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Getting Around

Ask Yourself? Is My Experienced Maximized by the Way I am Getting from Point A to Point B?

Even the most seasoned traveler has been stymied by the complex and mysterious logistics that form the backbone of an African safari.

Depending on the location, getting around might include flights, overland transfer via private 4×4 safari vehicle with private guide, helicopters, a walking safari, luxury train, canoe, sailboat, balloon and sometimes even ferry!

This is where the guidance of a professional safari planner is crucial.  While logistics may not be glamorous, in the wrong hands your safari can become a maze of backtracking, airport lounges and brutally long hours bumping along dirt roads.


Put another way, what might look acceptable on paper and often very attractive when it comes to budget can, in reality, mean a safari spent largely in transit versus in the bush.  Our focus is maximizing your time on safari versus traveling between locations.  Typically the cost of the safari will also relate to how much time you spend traveling between Point A and Point B, and whether you are on a private charter flight or sharing the plane with a few other like-minded travelers.   We’ll help you figure out which level of trip works best for your preferences and budget.






Some safaris work better with a bit more time on the road, seeing the sites along the way.  This is the case in countries like Tanzania and Uganda where a safari with a private overland guide and vehicle works wonderfully.  What you don’t want is a mass-market safari that drives long drives every day for 6+ hours.  This is the kind of trip we would never plan! But BEWARE, they are out there.

There are some countries that we will seamlessly weave together because we KNOW the logistics work so beautifully; such as Kenya and Tanzania.  Likewise, we’ll help you understand which countries will add a huge amount of travel time and cost to connect.  Our answer is not typically “No”, but we will advise you so we can collaborate to create a safari that will be one you will remember regarding the ease of logistics

Some areas are just harder to get to, but still worth it — like Mahale in Tanzania. To see those chimps on the edge of Lake Tanganyika may just be worth the cost and number of hours by small plane it takes to get there.  We’ll help you evaluate that.


At Anastasia’s Africa, we pride ourselves on an intimate understanding of the inner workings of safari logistics.  Once you step off your arrival flight you are in our hands; our team is always there, to meet and transfer you to your next point,  and also behind the scenes, ensuring your trip is seamless until you board your international departure flight homeward.  We have been on the flights, visited the camps, driven the roads – we plan the most sensible routing for your safari based on your goals and budget.


In short, we sweat the details so you don’t have to!