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Africa is a playground for Adventure seekers

Surrender to the freedom of the water, the thrill of a close-up encounter with an endangered species, the challenge of a mountain, or the adrenaline surge of a daredevil deed. Africa's natural landscape provides the perfect kick and adventure.

Several parts of Africa provide the perfect setting and ample fuel for body and mind...from Victoria Fall’s adrenaline producing thrills such as micro lighting, rafting or bungee jumping to dune sliding or riding quad bikes in Namibia. South Africa is a natural wonderland and offers everything from shark diving to abseiling, from jet boating to helicopter dips.

Lighter pursuits for those whose taste for adventure is a bit more mild...
such as canoeing on the Zambezi, snorkeling along the coast in Tanzania or Kenya, to hot air ballooning over the Namibian desert or Serengeti Plains, to horseback riding on the beach are available as well. 

Kenya’s landscapes range from magical rainforest, rolling wooded grassland and misty forests to classic African savannas, topped by the snow-capped majesty of Mount Kenya, and this terrain is ideal for days filled with camel trekking, walking, horseback riding and mountain biking available together with your hosts at several of it’s unique homesteads and bush home properties.  

And for a thrill you’ll never forget, try a night under the African stars in an inventive star-bed at Loisaba...
Soft Adventure