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    5 Day Canoe & Walking Safari

   ZAMBEZI - A Walk on the Wild Side

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    To the Roof of the World

   Kenya & Tanzania Great Secrets

    Tanzania Tented Mobile Luxury

    Best of South Africa

    Royal South Africa

    The San Bushman Experience

     Namibia Highlights

    Kenya by Private Invitation

    Tanzania by Private Invitation

    15 Day Lodge & Tented Safari in Uganda and Rwanda

    African Odyssey


    10 Days in Gabon

Follow the Footsteps of the No. 1 Ladies Detective


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  Kim's Trip to Untouched Regions of Tanzania

   Karin’s Luxury Safari in South Africa

Anastasia’s Trip to Untouched Regions of Tanzania

    Mateya Safari Lodge by Mary Armour



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     White Paper on Selling Luxury Travel to Africa

     Safari Comparison Chart

    Handy Chart on African Flying Times

    Range of Safari Property Styles

   Southern Africa Weather Chart

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