Exceptional Values
More Luxury for Less in Africa

Group Travel  - Travel free depending on the number of people traveling in your group, you can earn a free safari. This free trip may be used by the group leader or the value can be divided to reduce the overall cost to everyone. To learn more about group travel, click here: Small Group Travel

“All Girls” Safari - Avoid a single supplement and travel with like-minded woman...ask us about our 2009 Woman’s safaris by calling or clicking here to send us an email for more information:  “”All Girls” Safari Info

Safari Gift Registry  - Give that Special Someone the gift that will enrich their life and expand their understanding through a journey that will deliver style, comfort and value - honeymoons, anniversary...or a milestone birthday or graduation!                                

Once you have decided on your safari, your friends and family can contribute to your special occasion, both with great pleasure and ease...and we’ll handle all the fine details:

 create the itinerary
 publish your own web page where family and friends can learn about the details of the trip, and how to contribute
 collect the monies
 then we’ll send them the gift certificate to send on to you

 Call us for more informations or click here to send us an email:   Safari Gift Registry Information

Refer New Travelers  - Share up to $200 in savings!

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