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Customize your private group itinerary, or for just the two of you...

We possess an unsurpassed ability to perfectly customize your private group, and our programs can encompass any possible interest - from history and culture, to ecology and photography with specialized lecturers and guides, and beyond...in the past this has included ornithological, art and archaeological safaris, as well as unique programs for incentive groups.

We have had the opportunity to work with many prestigious institutions, corporations, and affinity groups, as well as couples, families and groups of friends...

Whether your interest is more suited to a private reception at the Muthaiga Club, San Bushman cave drawings in Namibia and South Africa, or anthropology in Tanzania, our connections and in-depth knowledge will ensure a unique, tailored itinerary of the highest quality.

Africa offers historical and cultural destinations, connecting travelers to the local people and places through unique events and experiences. 

Whether it is visiting local artisans and learning their craft, delving into customs through dance or cooking, or hearing stories first hand from area natives... Our travelers are exposed to sights, sounds, smells and scenes very different from home.   It is important to understand that some culture shock is to be expected on our immersive journeys, nor do we shelter our travelers from the realities of the places we visit.

A commitment to lifelong learning

Educational, cultural immersive travel gives travelers the opportunity to learn in depth about a particular part of Africa, it’s people, wildlife, cultural tapestries, geography and more. 

From rich programs featuring on-site guides and local experts—special events interwoven throughout each itinerary—enrichment lectures, private tours, and behind-the-scenes presentations unavailable to most travelers—Anastasia’s Africa is sure to meet your very high standards. Our guides are not only noted experts in their fields but enthralling and entertaining.  
We have expertise in alumni, incentive and specialty group travel and arrange journeys for Pepperdine University, Pitzer College, The British Consulate,  Virgin Entertainment Group, International Creative Management (ICM) and many more. You, your family, group or friends can expect the same expertise and attention we offer these clients.

Significant Savings for Group Leaders
To put together a group, or learn more about the exceptional value of group travel, click here:
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