Egypt & Morocco
Why choose Egypt?	
A visit to Egypt today is a visit to a living museum. In fact, it is one of the largest outdoor museums in the world. The towering influence and wealth of Ancient Egypt is most conspicuously expressed in the abundance of great monuments. 

Revel in the living history of the Sphinx, the abundant treasures at the National Museum of Cairo and the Pyramids at Giza. The Pyramids, mountainous tombs built to ensure immortality, have certainly fulfilled their purpose, and the tombs and treasures of the Pharaohs captivate visitors with their grace and beauty.  Follow the path of Mark Twain down the ageless Nile from Abu Simbel to Aswan.  Ancient columned temples and tombs containing inestimable riches unfold at a stately pace.
We suggest a cruise on Lake Nassar as an alternative to a traditional Nile Cruise.  The M/S Eugenie is a excellent choice.  
Why Egypt?
When journeying to Egypt, we recommend a private experienced Egyptologist who will bring you face to face with the Great Egyptian Pyramids, splendors of the tomb of Tutankhamen and other archeological treasures in the Valley of the Kings.  Egypt is a wealth of history and culture waiting to be discovered in this once in a lifetime journey.  Some of our favorite hotels include in Cairo, the Oberoi Mena House and the Four Seasons, in Luxor the historic Winter Palace, and in Aswan, the Isis Island.  Some of the best Nile ships are marco I, Al Kahila, Royal Lily, Sonesta St. George.
The best time to visit Egypt is mid-October to May and after October average temperatures are in the high 60s and low 70s.  In May they go back up dramatically into the 100s.
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Why choose Morocco?

Hidden in the far northwestern corner of Africa is a veritable feast of the senses - Morocco - a dazzling mosaic steeped in African, Arab and Berber traditions with a dash of European refinement.
Visitors are fascinated with its wondrous imperial capitals, colorful souks, ancient Casbahs and exotic century old bazaars with snake charmers and acrobats, medinas and wild Joujoukan trance music.  
Morocco has it all, including luxury pampering at the world famous La Mamounia and stays at the exotic and unique riads, such as Riad Meriem in Marrakesh or La Maison Bleue in Fes.
What better way to really immerse once self into the culture than with a hands on culinary workshop at the renowned La Maison Arabe, or a visit to a natural sulfur spa such at the thermal station at Moulay Yacomb.
Why choose to visit Morocco?
Morocco is a very safe country with an ancient tradition of hospitality and travelers feel secure and very welcome. The physical beauty and cultural brilliance together with an extensive tourist infrastructure of exquisite modern hotels, and resorts; world class golf courses and excellent guides makes Morocco one of the most exciting and fulfilling travel destinations in the world.
The best time to visit Morocco is September and October, March and May [April often brings sirocco sandstorms to the desert]. From November to February, are generally fine and warm except in the north or up the mountains.
Egypt & Morocco