Giving Back and Voluntourism

We believe in supporting causes in the destinations we send travelers. 

By developing and promoting tourism to Africa,  Anastasia’s Africa has been able to positively impact environmental awareness, wildlife conservation and cultural preservation. Our social stewardship relates to giving back and developing a network of projects throughout Africa that can be visited and experienced first-hand.  Ask us about the project in the area you are visiting.

We would be happy to assist you in setting up a visit to the project, or to integrate a volunteer experience into your safari for anywhere from one afternoon to several days.  You can help build schools, hospitals, and work with children in an orphanage -- or even become part of a multi-day wildlife conservation project.

Practicing responsible tourism and partnering with those who share our concerns helps us to protect that which we cherish. One such partner, that is near and dear to our hearts is the Cheetah Outreach Foundation. We have worked closely with them over the years... to find out more or help them out:
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The Cheetah Outreach Foundation

(Make check payable to: The Cincinnati Zoo)

Attn: Cathryn Hilker, Director, The Angel Fund

The Cincinnati Zoo & Biological Garden

3400 Vine Street

Cincinnati, Ohio 45220

Please visit their website at: